This week…

23 May 2011 — tags:

I am back with the lovely folk at Reactive, where I have learned that next week is apparently National BBQ Week. Do you have to register a National Week somewhere before you make one up, I wonder?

Back for my second week at

9 May 2011 — tags:

Pretty sure I’m underdressed.

Another site goes live

6 May 2011 — tags:

Tesco Kids' Book Club

Tesco Kids’ Book Club is now up and running. I enjoyed designing this, especially as I got to draw some funny characters – the wizard is my favourite… you can check him out on the project page as he only pops up every so often on the site itself.

Thanks to Reactive for being cool enough to let me put a fairy on every page :-)

IQ website

4 May 2011 — tags:


The new design for the IQ website has gone live! I worked on this at Catch Digital in February.

I’ve had an idea!

3 May 2011

This is it. A news-feed typed-thing so you know what I’ve been up to. And so I can prove I really was trying to stay out of mischief.