What’s next?

12 October 2011 — tags:

Skype = done!

Skype interface

Holiday = done!


Let’s see what happens next…

Skype is still keeping me busy

5 September 2011 — tags:


Good job I like blue!

This week…

22 August 2011 — tags:

Poke are keeping me busy and out of trouble.

Biketype screenprint

7 August 2011 — tags:

My Biketype print is now available to buy if you would like one!

Biketype Print

Back from Belgium/Netherlands

2 August 2011 — tags:


With lots more things to draw :-)


30 June 2011 — tags:


It looks like it could be finished like this, but I have further plans!

Attempting to start screenprinting

28 June 2011 — tags:

Step 1 – construct a workstation.




20 June 2011 — tags:

Another quick contribution to the Tesco Real Food site, where Wimbledon apparently means picnics.


Don’t they know Wimbledon means rain?! There’s a reason centre court gained a roof. Perhaps summer will arrive in July – let’s hope so, as it’s down to be National Icecream Month.

Auf Deutsch

13 June 2011

Designing in German this week. Thankfully I can convey a thousand words just by drawing a picture. Alles Klar!

My contribution to BBQ Week

29 May 2011 — tags:

Looks like this on the Tesco Real Food website:

National BBQ Week

In the physical world, however, it looks a bit more like me grouching about bank holiday weather.