Driving Theory Test

29 February 2012 — tags:

DSA Theory Test

The DSA Driving Theory Test CD-ROM which I worked on last year is now a real product! Proof on Amazon. There’s also an iPhone app, which you can read more about on Reactive’s website. It’s nice to make useful things :-)

Learning about Czech beer

22 February 2012 — tags:

Helping out at Quirk London, but mercifully in English…

Glue Isobar

31 January 2012 — tags:

This week I’m in Glue’s shiny office by Regent’s Park. I think I saw a duck fly past the window.

Next up…

23 January 2012 — tags:

This week I’m helping Reactive on the next issue of http://theclub.ba.com.

Albion London

9 January 2012 — tags:

Are keeping me out of trouble for the next couple of weeks. There is a dog called Colin who sleeps under the desk opposite me.

Happy New Year!

3 January 2012

Starting the year with a big list of things to do!

Winter Work

21 November 2011 — tags:

I’m working with Catch Digital until Christmas. I like that I get to walk through Trafalgar Square in the mornings and see the hawks :-)

Secret Logo

9 November 2011 — tags:

This week I worked on a logo for a new website project, which is a secret until it’s launched. So you’ll have to trust me on that one for the time being…

Print Club

— tags:

Print Club

My design didn’t make it into Print Club’s December show. I shall have to print it myself another time!

An experimental print

20 October 2011 — tags:

Church screenprint

More experiments to be done, I think.