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Maryon Wilson Animal Park website

8 May 2014 — tags:

Website design for Maryon Wilson Animal Park is now live. There’s some content still to be added – all of it managed by the park volunteers.

Maryon Wilson Animal Park website

HR Lab London website

13 August 2013 — tags:

It’s now live! Have a look here:

HR Lab website

HR Lab London website & branding.

Dowsett Design website launch

5 March 2013 — tags:

The website I designed and built at Drawn By Day Studio for Dowsett Design is now live! Take a look, particularly if you’re interested in furniture design, lighting or installations. It’s a portfolio gallery built using WordPress.

Dowsett Design website

Dowsett Design website.

You can read a little bit more about the project on the Drawn By Day website.
Or view the site itself here: Sadly no longer live.