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Maryon Wilson Animal Park website

8 May 2014 — tags:

Website design for Maryon Wilson Animal Park is now live. There’s some content still to be added – all of it managed by the park volunteers.

Maryon Wilson Animal Park website

HR Lab London website

13 August 2013 — tags:

It’s now live! Have a look here:

HR Lab website

HR Lab London website & branding.

Dowsett Design website launch

5 March 2013 — tags:

The website I designed and built at Drawn By Day Studio for Dowsett Design is now live! Take a look, particularly if you’re interested in furniture design, lighting or installations. It’s a portfolio gallery built using WordPress.

Dowsett Design website

Dowsett Design website.

You can read a little bit more about the project on the Drawn By Day website.
Or view the site itself here: Sadly no longer live.

Another site goes live

6 May 2011 — tags:

Tesco Kids' Book Club

Tesco Kids’ Book Club is now up and running. I enjoyed designing this, especially as I got to draw some funny characters – the wizard is my favourite… you can check him out on the project page as he only pops up every so often on the site itself.

Thanks to Reactive for being cool enough to let me put a fairy on every page :-)

IQ website

4 May 2011 — tags:


The new design for the IQ website has gone live! I worked on this at Catch Digital in February.